Black Tie Preferred, Black Tie Optional or Black Tie Invited


If the invitation states, Black Tie Preferred, Black Tie Optional or Black Tie Invited, a traditional tuxedo is the preferred choice of attire for the gentleman.  If he decides not to wear a tuxedo, he may wear a dark suit, white dress shirt and conservative tie, which is the next step down from Black Tie Preferred.  Anything less formal than this would be unacceptable at this event! 


The lady accompanying a gentleman who is wearing a suit instead of a tuxedo may wear either a short evening gown or a dinner suit.  A dinner suit is a suit that is made of a finer material than a business-suit and may have embellishments on it such as fancy buttons. 







This red satin suit by Sophie Sitbon is a dinner suit and would be appropriate for a lady to wear to a Black Tie Preferred event, if the gentleman who accompanies her chooses to wear a suit instead of a tuxedo.




This black velvet jacket and black satin skirt could also be worn to a formal affair if the gentleman the lady is going to the event with chooses to wear a dark suit instead of a tuxedo.





A long, very formal gown, such as the one above, would be inappropriate for the lady to wear if the gentleman, who is accompanying her, is wearing only a business-suit to the event.  (Itís OK, however, to model such a gown when your husband is wearing only a suit!)