Dinner Attire during the Week




If you are going to have dinner in a formal restaurant during the week, a business suit such as the one I am wearing in the photo above would be appropriate. (Note:  I was hosting an event at my home for my Lyric Opera group when this picture was taken, but the suit would be appropriate to wear out for dinner.)


If, however, you do not work in a business office and do not want to wear a business suit for dinner, you, as a woman, have a few options as to what you can wear.




When I met my husband for a dinner at Les Nomades, I wore this cashmere sweater and ankle length matching skirt.  To dress up my outfit, I put on my favorite funky jewelry and threw a mohair shawl over my shoulders, both for effect and warmth.



Here is another outfit that could be worn out to dinner during the week.  I dressed this suit up a little by wearing my butterfly choker.