Ladies Who Lunch Attire


There are many occasions when ladies get together for lunch.  The following are some examples of the attire that my friends and I wear to our luncheons.




I wore this suit to a luncheon in Lake Forest, which was held in one of the beautiful old mansions on Lake Michigan.



Here are some of the other ladies who attended the luncheon.  Some of them are wearing suits while others are wearing dressy slack outfits. 



I had this suit made for a seminar that I did.  In this photo I am about to go to a luncheon that was held at a hotel in Lincolnshire.






I wore this suit and hat for the annual ladies Spring Luncheon at Medinah Country Club.




Here are the Ladies Who Lunch group at a birthday party that Vicki Mills (middle) gave for herself at her gorgeous home.  The girls are carrying Bags ‘n Bloom bags that are made in Barrington.




I wore my Breakfast at Tiffany’s hat with a little black dress and gloves for the formal English Tea that was given for all the Medinah ladies to meet the wife of the new club president.




The photos above are from a Ladies Who Lunch luncheon that I organized at Medinah Country Club.  Note:  The ladies who are wearing gowns are doing some informal modeling for the event.